Auto Accidents

*What *_to do After a Car Accident in Washington

Thousands of car accidents may happen in Washington on a yearly basis. A car accident can occur for any number of reasons including, faulty car parts, distracted drivers, and DUI. In many cases, a car accident may lead to long lasting, life-changing, consequences and huge financial burdens. That’s why it’s important to always know what you should do immediately after being in a car accident.

Immediately After Accident Occurs

1. Turn on your emergency flashers to alert other drivers and prevent further crashes.

2. Check your surroundings to make sure no one in the vehicle is injured.

3. Make sure it’s safe to exit your vehicle before opening your car door and walking to the other vehicle.

4. If anyone in the other vehicle is injured call the ambulance for help.

5. Call the police.

Once the police arrive, the officer may create a police report that contains the facts about the incident as understood and observed by the officer. This report may later be used in court. After exchanging information with the other driver, it’s a good idea to take pictures of the accident. These pictures may help you later in a possible legal proceeding. In addition, may want to take pictures of any injuries you or anyone in your vehicle have sustained. However, make sure you do not interfere with any police work by taking pictures.

Next, you may want to remember to notify your insurance company that you have been in an accident. They may ask you several questions about the accident. It’s important not to lie to your insurance company about what happened and be as accurate as possible with the facts as you understand them.

Consider Consulting an Attorney

If anyone is injured in an accident, or if you have any legal questions after an accident, it may be best to consult an attorney. Here at Murphy’s Law Offices, we’ve spent years handling car accident cases in Washington. As experienced motorcycle accident, truck accident, and car accident lawyers, we understand how to get you the compensation you need after being involved in an accident.

In many cases, the financial, physical, and emotional tolls of being in an accident may be difficult to foresee. It may be the case that only an experienced Washington traffic attorney can help you make the right decision about whether you should pursue a legal claim after a car accident. Contact Dan Murphy’s Law Offices today for a free consultation.

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