What is a Mandatory Alcohol Assessment?

After a DUI conviction, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or state DUI criminal court can order you to attend alcohol education and treatment programs if you are classified as a DUI offender. These programs are officially known as Mandatory Alcohol Assessment Programs. You may have heard of the assessments referred to as “Drunk Driving Education” “DUI School” or “AEP.” Regardless of title, these programs have the same focus: alcohol education and therapy. Some DUI offenders can have their driving privileges restored if they complete the terms of their mandatory alcohol assessment.

What Makes You Eligible for a Mandatory Alcohol Assessment?

DUI offenders are not automatically registered for alcohol education unless they live in a state where assessment is mandatory. Washington is one such state. The sessions must be approved by a behavioral health program, and you must provide proof that you attended classes at the nearest DMV office.

Types of Mandatory Alcohol Assessment Programs

Alcohol treatment and educational classes come in several levels that vary based on length, treatment, and criteria for completion. The type of alcohol assessment you will undergo depends on the circumstances of your case, what state you are in, and the location where you must complete the class. Minors and first-time offenders will often take the first level of alcohol education. This level generally requires 12 hours where the students are taught about alcohol’s effects. Older drivers are more likely to participate in second level education, where the required hours significantly increase and the classes are usually assigned with therapy sessions.

Common Alcohol Education Programs

Due to the differences between states and local courts, there are many variations of alcohol assessments. Some well-known sessions span the country, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and programs designed by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D.) AA is often an open forum where those struggling with alcohol addiction can discuss alcohol’s harmful effects. M.A.D.D. often focuses more on those victimized by drunk driving and alcoholic behaviors.

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